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More than fitness

Experience fitness the smarter way.
Powered by science and quantified by health outcomes, unlock your true potential.
Fuel your transformation today.

More than a workout

Pump to our signature sessions or one of our combat-based programs. Everything we do, we back it up with data and science. Go beyond your typical workout and redefine how you look at fitness.

Lve stronger today. 

Make a change.

Green Juices

Science backed

We use an evidence-based approach to fitness. Go beyond typical programs by tapping into the expertise of our advisory team of dieticians, physiotherapists and medical specialists. 

At LVE, go beyond a typical workout. That's total body transformation.

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2 classes at $42 only

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More than a gym

We mean it when we commit to your total body transformation.

Even the best fitness sessions can only do that much. Elevate your mind and body with our personalised health coaching and  premium sports therapy programs.  


Hello wellness

Our therapists, medical practitioners and wellness ambassadors offer holistic therapy for both prevention as well as for recovery.

Move over functional fitness. Fitness and wellness come together.

We call this functional wellness.

More than a space

We provide everything - equipment, clothes, shower, amenities. You get the picture. You just need to bring yourself.

Above all that, we decided to throw in SOCIAL, LVE's collaborative lounge concept. More than a space, SOCIAL allows you to catch your breath, nourish your soul and connect with people.

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Connect more

Being more than a gym means finding ways to connect our members. We curate the best events or workshops, for you to gain fresh perspectives, to network and to incubate ideas. 

At Lve, connecting and collaborating are our shared ethos.


The LVE experience is like no other. Join us today and embark on your transformation, both in mind and body.  Curated and created by the best minds in fitness and wellness, you can be assured that your journey with us offer no compromise.

Get ready to Lve your best!

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